It Always Taste Better When We Braai

Meet Your Designated Braaier

Get to know who will be handling your meat

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Hi, my name is Pietman.

Since the first time I could pick up braai tongs at the age of six, I’ve been the designated braaier for every get-together.

I love cooking for people. It’s my passion and I can’t think of a better way to spend a day than in front of delicious food sizzling over a hot fire … and it helps that I’m pretty good at it too!

My friends and family always said that they wish everyone could taste the way I braai…

So I took their hints and started my own catering business, and I’ve been proudly serving up authentic South African braai-kos at events ever since.

If you love good food, good company, and you want a professional braai master to cook for you, then let’s plan your event!

Need More Proof I’ve Got the Chops to Braai for You?